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13 Sep 2017

Testimonial - Rodger & Pam

In April 2017 we decided to sell our house at Killawarra Rd, Lake MacDonald. We had been at the property for 14 years and thought it was time to downsize. As we had not been familiar with any real agents in our area I sat down at my computer and visited the various websites to try to find a real estate agent that we would be comfortable with and trust them to get the best price for our house. Sheree McIntosh of Noosa Regional Realty was my choice and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Sheree along with Sales Manager Ann-Marie came and sat down with us to help us decide on the strategy for the sale campaign and they did a great job. We decided on an Auction with a 5 week campaign consisting of advertising in the local papers and on the internet along with an Open House every Saturday morning. On Auction morning, members of Noosa Regional Realty team turned up bright and early to organise paperwork etc. along with Sheree and John Cochrane the Company Auctioneer. The house SOLD on Auction morning and I must say John the Auctioner was brilliant in the liasing for both buyer and seller to feel completely satisified. Rodger and I would have no hesitation in recommending Sheree McIntosh and the team at Noosa Regional Realty as they are absolute professionals and are kind and caring people that make the transaction easy and carefree. Thank you all at NOOSA REGIONAL REALTY.

Kindest regards, Rodger & Pam

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