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How can I be sure I don't under sell my property?

By far, the biggest fear of sellers is "how can I be sure I don't under sell my property?". Property law in Queensland requires all registered agents to present to the seller a document called "A Comparative Market Analysis". This document forms part of the Appointment to Act (the form which gives authority from the seller to a licensed agency to market and sell a property on behalf of the seller/sellers.)

We bring your attention to the following;
We must list a minimum of 3 properties currently for sale within features similar to the property to be sold and the date listed and the estimate price that the property will sell for.

We must list a minimum of 3 properties which have sold within the last 6 months that compare to the property to be sold. We must include date of sale and sales price.

This is a safeguard for the seller and acts also as a yardstick when accepting the recommended price range for the property. This gives you the opportunity to drive by or inspect the comparison properties. We invite you to attend open homes, read the adverts, call off signs, visit auctions and review the internet.

This is valuable information - consider these relevant issues;
  • What is the current state of the market?
  • How many properties are for sale in the price range?
  • Will your property be competitive?
  • How long is it taking similar properties to sell?
When selecting your marketing agent, consider these important factors;
  • How will the property be exposed to the buying public?
  • How will the buyers be handled?
  • How, and how often will the agent keep the seller informed?
  • How will the negotiations be handled?
  • How many properties does the agent have for sale?
  • Is the agent successful in selling properties?

Agents must show the seller professionally prepared marketing campaigns, conducted efficiently by enthusiastic positive agents who will expose the property to all possible buyers in the market place.

Only then will the insecurity of selling make way for the assurance that the property will achieve true market value in an acceptable period of time.