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Ways to prepare your home

When you are selling, a large number of prospective purchasers will inspect your home in a confined period. Most of these people will make a judgment about your home based on ‘first impression’ and they will not return if their inspection fails to impress.

1. First and foremost, ask a trusted friend to inspect your home as a buyer would and request they highlight any flaws in presentation. You may be surprised that many can be overcome with minimal effort and cost. Your Gympie Regional Realty agent will be happy to assist you in making these decisions.

2. Inspect the house from the street, as this is where buyers make their initial judgment. Ensure the lawns are mowed, edges clipped, garden beds weeded and the house number is readily seen from the street.

3. If your garden is a bit bare consider a few terracotta pots beside the front door to break up a broad expanse and also window boxes with flowering annuals can enhance the external appeal of your home. If you have sufficient notice, put fertilizer on the lawn to make it greener.

4. Most of us acquire too much furniture over the years which can give a cluttered appearance to rooms. Prevail on friends/relatives or hire a garage to store excess furniture and possessions so that buyers can see and feel the full potential of rooms.

5. Any obvious faults like loose tiles, missing fence palings, broken appliances or incomplete renovations should be attended to because they all indicate to buyers that the owners do not care sufficiently. Buyers can then wonder unnecessarily if other things have been neglected.

6. Nothing impresses buyers more than a house that has been recently cleaned. Steam clean the carpet, clean windows (internally and externally), remove excess rubbish and garden debris so you can walk easily around the house and garden. Make sure toys are away and beds are made.

7. Finally, on inspection days have flowers on display, set the dining room table for a dinner party, in winter light the fire, make a batch of scones or set up the coffee percolator. In this way you will appeal to the buyer’s sense of smell, sight and touch which helps create wonderful warmth and atmosphere.